About US

Swirltex solves complex wastewater problems with a proprietary membrane solution that reduces energy consumption by over 60% as compared to conventional treatment. Our decentralized modular units serve customers when they need it, where they need it at a fraction of the cost of a capital upgrade to their wastewater infrastructure.

Swirltex builds custom wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of applications. The unique membrane system separates solids and liquids based on buoyancy, allowing for higher production rates and higher quality effluent. The ability to manipulate the buoyancy of contaminants within the liquid stream allows Swirltex to treat a wide range of wastewater types that would otherwise not be re-usable. In addition, the system consumes a fraction of the energy compared to conventional water treatment methods.

Our Team

Melanie McClare


Peter Christou

President & Founder

Rob Budianto

COO, P.Eng

Miyasha Bullen

Project Engineer, E.I.T.

Anthony Knodel

Process Engineer, E.I.T.

Juan Romero

R & D Junior Engineer, E.I.T.

Jay Keener

Director of U.S Operations

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