Industrial wastewater presents itself with many issues when it comes water treatment.
Underperforming or failing equipment, including DAF and clarifier units, are a common issue in most industries. Current wastewater treatment systems require regular maintenance, making it difficult to attain water that meets reuse standards.
Membrane treatment is usually the most common wastewater filtration system, however, membrane fouling can be a prominent issue. This makes wastewater treatment difficult and expensive.
Industrial pond treatment is under performing and polishing requirements lead to high costs. Furthermore, environmental compliance issues lead to frequent penalties. Additionally, seasonal high flow and capacity problems cause maintenance issues that affect treatment reliability. Lack of capital and ESG requirements make it even harder for companies to efficiently treat their water and minimize their carbon footprint at the same time.


Swirltex has designed modular systems that can treat and polish high-strength wastewater streams using membrane technology, in order to facilitate water re-use.
The Swirltex system is a decentralized wastewater treatment system with l ow capital risk and water reuse and recycling opportunities. Our system provides highly clean and consistent water quality while lowering energy consumption and OPEX costs.
Swirltex has repeatedly proven the value of clean technology in providing solutions for industrial wastewater, especially as companies struggle to control their ecological footprint. The Swirltex system offers our clients a chance to become a solution in a world where climate change is a growing threat.
The Swirltex treatment approach produces twice the amount of clean water with the same input of energy compared to conventional methods. With low maintenance and low operational costs, the Swirltex system is the best choice for your wastewater management needs.


Swirltex offers a variety of custom wastewater treatment solutions to help our clients find the best fit for their effluent challenges. Our innovative clean technology system surpasses conventional filtration methods with unique combination of spiral flow and contaminant buoyancy manipulation. Our unit is modular and simple, with a streamline design and ease of operation.
We provide our clients with multiple options, some of which include monthly rentals, pilot testing, unit purchases, and retrofits. Swirltex has flexible solutions for the toughest wastewater streams. For more information on how we can turn your wastewater into a resource, take a look through our website or contact us.