Prior to implementing the Swirltex system, the Client’s municipal wastewater was extremely difficult to treat.  The Client faced on-going

  • risk of non-compliance against strict environmental discharge limits
  • inability to keep up with accelerating industrial and domestic growth
  • cost of a capital upgrade that would require $12M+ for expansion and $50M+ for pipeline construction


For this client, the ideal solution must:

  • meet discharge standards to allow wastewater to be sold and re-purposed by a third-party
  • maximize membrane permeate flux production for an average treatment volume of 100 gpm
  • reduce key contaminants to the following specifications: TSS < 50 mg/L, COD < 100 mg/L, Total Coliforms < 300MPN/100mL, and Fecal Coliforms < 100 pg/mL


Swirltex’s Lagoon Units (SLU) delivered high-quality permeate amid seasonal temperature changes. Swirltex also increased the capacity of the lagoon via aeration and mixing of wastewater. As a result, the lagoon’ biological activity also increased. Above all, our units transformed this challenging waste stream into re-usable water. For this project, the Client opted to sell the cleaned water to a local golf course for irrigation.

Swirltex’s successful full-scale pilot generated significant benefits for the Client. Using our buoyancy-enhanced membrane filtration, Swirltex cut the municipality’s disposal and operational costs, eliminating the need for outsourcing water treatment. In addition to cost savings, Swirltex created an opportunity for the client to profit. The treated effluent met irrigation standards thus allowing it to be sold to a local golf course. Throughout this project, Swirltex provided both present and future value having

  • saved the Client a minimum of $1,000,000 in capital expenditures
  • implemented the SLUs seamlessly into the Client’s existing processes
  • transformed wastewater into a shareable community resource