When drilling for oil and gas, produced water is brought to the surface as a waste product along with the fossil fuels. It contains a variety of environmentally hazardous pollutants including heavy metals, bacteria, oils and grease, and various chemical additives. For produced water to be discharged, these pollutants must be disposed of prior to the oil refinery process. Although treatment is necessary, this waste stream is difficult to manage as it is associated with excessive disposal, treatment, and chemical costs. Produced water also causes long-term operational problems including heavy sludge production and poor oil-water separation. Conventional membrane filtration systems are both ineffective and expensive for treating this complex waste stream.

Swirltex’s Solution

Swirltex has developed an innovative membrane filtration system that revolutionizes produced water treatment. Our buoyancy-based membrane system is superior to conventional methods as it delivers significant operational and economic benefits to our clients. Some of these advantages include:

  • Improved removal of iron, TSS, bacteria, and oil;
  • Energy efficient approach resulting in a reduction in energy consumption;
  • Automated operational system which is low maintenance;
  • Significant increase in permeate production;
  • Reclamation of wastewater; and
  • Reduction in environmental footprint with Swirtlex’s clean technology.
Swirltex membrane fabrication

Treatment Options

At Swirltex, we aim to help our clients find the most efficient solution for their wastewater management needs. Our clean technology system outperforms traditional filtration through the unique combination of spiral flow and contaminant buoyancy manipulation. Our unit is modular and simple, therefore enabling ease of implementation and operation. We provide our clients with multiple options, some of which include monthly rentals, pilot testing, unit purchases, and retrofits. Swirltex has flexible solutions for the toughest wastewater streams. we provide clients with a clean and reliable way for handling their most challenging waste streams. With a variety of treatment options, Swirltex offers flexible and effective solutions that meets every one of our clients’ specifications. Allow our team to solve your produced water challenges by contacting us directly.   

   Globally, approximately 250 million barrels of water are produced daily from both

oil and gas production. 

Environmental Effects

Produced water contains hazardous pollutants of both organic and inorganic materials, which can cause environmental damage when discharged into the environment. If oil and gas production continues as it is, it can lead to killing the life of water and plants. Such type of water is often allowed to discharge into the environment without filtring it, which along with climate changes in the near future will cause clean water shortage.