Lagoons & Ponds

The Swirltex Lagoon Unit (SLU) is a unique portable system that provides membrane filtration while hyper oxidizing the wastewater stream. The SLU system not only increases the capacity of a lagoon but also provides effluent that can be reused for numerous useful agricultural and industrial applications. The SLU is an ideal solution for solving wastewater lagoon issues in rural communities while producing a fundamental resource from a waste product. 

The main benefits of the Swirltex Lagoon Unit (SLU) include:

  • Treats high strength waste
  •  Portable and can be easily transported to remote & Indigenous communities
  • Creates high-quality effluent
  • Maintains a small environmental footprint
  • Provides aeration that increases lagoon capacity

Produced Water

Water produced from oil and gas extraction wells is becoming a growing issue in Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States. There is an increasing demand for treatment alternatives that allow for the re-use of this water as a more environmental alternative to deep well injection.

Swirltex conducted a pilot project at a produced water site in the Montney play in Northern British Columbia. The results of this project demonstrated a significant reduction in the total suspended solids (TSS) levels and oil content within the water to both below 5ppm. This high quality that we achieved permits this water to be re-used for frac operations, therefore reducing freshwater consumption, and minimizing deep well injection.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Many industrial operations result in the production of mass amounts of wastewater. The Swirltex technology has the capability of treating such wastewater, including airport runoff lagoons, tailings pond treatment, and food & beverage wastewater. This treatment would greatly reduce the environmental footprint of numerous industries and help facilitate water re-use and water conservation.

Industrial wastewater services include:

  • Enhanced chemical & biological treatment with aeration & mixing.
  • Contaminant isolation
  • Cost per cubic meter filtration services

System Retrofits & Secondary Treatment

Many wastewater treatment systems are crippled by aging infrastructure and malfunctioning equipment. Treatment processes, such as clarifiers, dissolved air flotation systems and fixed film reactors do not produce high quality, consistent water and results in surcharges for disposal

Swirltex can provide secondary treatment to these processes, with a simple and convenient connection to a modular c-can unit. This additional treatment can enable wastewater re-use, or eliminate surcharges due to poor quality disposal.

Benefits of retrofits with Swirltex:

  • Simple connection to existing system
  • Modular units allow for flexibility
  • Increased dissolved oxygen in concentrate stream, improves treatment upstream
  • Consistent treatment and removal of contaminants