Municipal wastewater is often processed with outdated and underperforming wastewater treatment systems. Unfortunately, municipal lagoons simply do not have the capacity to support industrial and domestic growth. Compounding the issue, the capital expense of overhauling existing infrastructure is often unfeasible. With such limited capacity, it is difficult for municipal wastewater to meet discharge compliance. Local wastewater contains a variety of organic and inorganic materials that cause long-lasting harm to the surrounding ecosystem and water supply. Yet despite these ineffective systems, municipalities continue to invest heavily in maintaining these failing systems out of the necessity to support their communities. 

Swirltex’s Solution

There are multiple advantages of the Swirltex system. Unlike other treatment options, the Swirltex system guarantees high-quality effluent which can be sold for recovery & reuse or recreational use. Our service is flexible with the modular shared infrastructure between communities. Maintenance is included in our service and our client pays for performance. Our system creates new opportunities for water-centric crops and businesses. Additionally, the conversion of an environmental liability into a resource is cost-efficient for local industries (golf, etc.). Swirltex has transformed the municipal water treatment industry by developing an innovative enhanced membrane filtration system. Our mobile containerized Swirltex Lagoon Unit (SLU) includes a micro-diffuser and a membrane component. The increased contaminant buoyancy and vortex flow pattern inside the membrane eliminates membrane fouling and [lacking clarity] reclamation of water.

Furthermore, our concentrate stream is hyper-oxygenated, boosting bacterial activity upon return to the lagoon. Moreover, The Swirltex system is superior to traditional methods as it delivers substantial operational and economic benefits to our clients. Some of these advantages include:

  • Enhanced removal of iron, TSS, bacteria, phosphorus, BOD, and COD;
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption;
  • Increase in permeate production by 70 – 80%;
  • Automated low-maintenance water treatment system;
  • Reclamation of wastewater; and
  • Reduction in environmental footprint with Swirltex’s clean technology wastewater treatment.

At Swirltex, we aim to help our clients find the most efficient solution for their wastewater management needs. Our clean technology system outperforms traditional filtration through the unique combination of spiral flow and contaminant buoyancy manipulation. Our unit is modular and simple, therefore enabling ease of implementation and operation. We provide our clients with multiple options, some of which include monthly rentals, pilot testing, unit purchases, and retrofits. Swirltex has flexible solutions for the toughest wastewater streams. For more information, on how we can help you solve your produced water challenges, please take a look through our website or get in touch with us.