22 March 2024

Swirltex Team Cleans Up Bow Riverside To Promote “Water For Peace” On World Water Day

The Swirltex team, driven by a shared passion for protecting nature, embarked on this activity not only to restore the beauty of the Bow River (a vital lifeline coursing through our beloved city) but also to reclaim the sanctity of the riverside environment, honor the essential role that water plays in sustaining life on our planet and promote the idea that access to clean water is essential for building peaceful communities.
16 February 2024

Swirltex’s BEMF Process Leads the Way In Tackling The Challenges Of Freshwater Scarcity

Over the next five to ten years, water scarcity could adversely affect as much as two-thirds of the population, including communities, ecosystems, and industries.
2 August 2022

Clean Tech Success

Swirltex joins PNWER's Annual Summit at the Clean Tech Showcase. What an opportunity to share how our business is helping unlock water re-use across all industries.
28 June 2022

Wastewater Treatment – The Swirltex Story

Learn about the Swirltex Story and how membrane filtration revolutionized the wastewater treatment industry.
30 May 2022
Picture of Swirltex president presenting produced water treatment technology

Produced Water Treatment Conference Features Swirltex President​

Swirltex attends Canadian Shale Management Conference where they presented their buoyancy enhanced filtration for produced water treatment.